ENGLISH: So far this chapter has been based on clear comparisons: Mo-Ti, the early "Fundi" in contrast to Han Fei, the cynical realist and Immanuel Kant, the advocate of a reasonable moral practice, against Friedrich Gentz, the overly sophisticated political advisor. Compared to this, the two thinkers that this section is about, namely Sun Tze and Carl von Clausewitz, cannot easily be brought into a - generally woodcut-like - contrast. On closer inspection, however, we can see contrasting positions, the analysis of which is relevant to the topic of this study. One thing can be said in advance: Sun Tze and Carl von Clausewitz are two thinkers who are considered the greatest in the field of military theory for the community of knowledgeable people. So we are dealing with recognized authorities: It is surprising that a wide variety of military schools of thought have repeatedly tried to use these authorities to legitimize their own position occasionally also included in the two footnotes in any footnotes.